Put trust in your data and applications

Veriteos is the modern approach enabling zero-trust applications. Use Veriteos to protect the integrity of your information so you can operate faster with confidence.

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Trust Infrastructure

Veriteos protects the integrity of your mission-critical information and provides a secure way of sharing data across organizations, eliminating the risk of data fraud and reducing operational overhead.

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Zero-trust architecture

Backed by blockchain and advanced cryptography, Veriteos provides a tamper-proof and verifiable audit trail to safeguard your entire data supply chain.

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Seamless integration

Veriteos enables secure and seamless integration to your applications while allowing you to retain ownership of your data. Easily connect to multiple data sources and application endpoints.

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Robust and Reliable

As a highly-available solution built on proven, enterprise-grade infrastructure, Veriteos allows you to focus on your business workflows without the need to manage and maintain complex cloud deployments.

Try Veriteos

Use the interactive demo to see how to secure and verify data with Veriteos. Your data remains private as Veriteos only stores the digital fingerprint of your data.


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